81st street is the charming tree lined block on the Upper East Side of NYC where we lived as roommates. It is here that we conceived the idea of a high fashion, culturally diverse stationery and design studio. Today our products carry the bustling energy of the city where we formed our friendship, while highlighting our Texas roots.

eighty first street studios brings to life beautiful imagery and sayings for those that identify with the mix of cultures and the excitement that comes from breaking down barriers. We specialize in cards designed in house to reflect the unique vision of our brand. We believe the beauty of our lives truly exists in the melting pot of { blurred cultural lines, personalities, and aesthetic tastes } that are present in our families, friends, co-workers, and other loved ones.

We hope eighty first street studios inspires you to make a connection!

Saima + Shaista

Say it with style

We love making others feel good. Step into 81st Street and find what your heart really wants to say in the moment.

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