Minimalist No More

As young girls, we were pestered by our mothers to wear more jewelry and not look “so plain.” A battle ensued any time there was an event to attend… the understated studs versus Mom’s choice of ornate, dangling earrings that were so heavy they hurt. Granted we have some way stylish moms that know their stuff, but who wants to look crazy when you’re 13 years old? Even now we sometimes need to be convinced to step out in heavy earrings plus the necklace.

We got to thinking… maybe we were trying to find a balance between our minimalist American selves and our over-the-top-love-of-jewelry heritage.

Enter the scene Dannijo, a sister duo that hand-makes jewelry in New York. These girls have thrown the notion of American minimalism out the window! We are talking opulent pieces – regal necklaces, colorful bib collars, and stackable bracelets showcased on BOTH arms (we're in love with their adorable phrase #armparty). The coolest part, for us anyhow, is that Dannijo’s entire look has a bohemian feel. So no matter how much you layer on, it feels fun and pairs perfectly with a tee or a dress.



Perhaps it’s about age and being at the tip of comprehending one’s own jewelry style. But we think the search for balance has ended. American contemporary jewelry is catching up to what we’ve always known, but may not have embraced – bold, big, and lots of it is BEAUTIFUL.


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All images via DANNIJO and the Coveteur

Dress in the Window

This past weekend strolling through SoHo we experienced a small heart flutter. That feeling when you spot a crush from afar, receive a long awaited decision in the mail, or your gaze falls upon a piece of art that speaks to you. 

The dress in the window.

Its mirror work embroidery evocative of the rich cultural Rajasthani craft, its classic shift shape a staple of Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O, yet with the modernity and futuristic cut of the likes of Balenciaga - it's the sum of everything that inspires us packaged into a strikingly beautiful dress! Add the glorious NYC buildings reflecting off the window... Voila! hearts aflutter.


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Summertime : Celebrations Galore

If your summer has been anything like ours, then you've been living in a whirlwind of fun, festivities, and fairy tales! With 4 weddings (plus all the pre-events), 2 baby showers, and 2 birthdays down, we finally have a chance to share some of our summer fun. Exhausting as it may be, we can't wipe the smiles off. :)

Taking part in such joyous celebrations is a reminder of what life is all about - family, friends, and a good time! Expressing gratitude for being included in someone's life event can be difficult at times, especially when you want it to match the glamour of the occasion.

NO MORE RUNNING INTO THE DRUG STORE IN HEELS AT THE LAST MINUTE! You know you look great but feel like a fool. You race read through the card aisle, filter a few, none of them are perfect. You select one but are annoyed deep down because you're settling. You're late! Why is the cashier so slow?! Sigh.

Stock up on sets of cards that will WOW your loved ones this summer season. We shared special sentiments from our weddingbaby, and birthday collections to the excitement of our lovely hosts. Nothing is more gratifying than receiving a thoughtful gift or note, and our unique cards will show that you thought ahead. ;)


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If your summer has been anything like ours, then you've been living in a whirlwind of fun, festivities, and fairy tales! With 4 weddings (plus all the pre-events), 2 baby showers, and 2 birthdays down, we finally have a chance to share some of our summer fun. Exhausting as it may be, we can't wipe the smiles off nonetheless.

The Spirit of Chanel : Paris-Bombay 2012

What better way to relax over a long weekend than lounging with your favorite magazine? As we flip through the first few ad campaigns in the June Vogue, we are back into overly excited, cannot relax mode. Ahh here we go again...!

The Chanel Pre-Fall 2012 campaign highlights the Paris-Bombay collection that we fell in love with a few months ago.

Daria Strokous by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel Paris-Bombay 2012 via visual optimism

Although some may find it a bit cliche, we absolutely love the fusion of Indian culture with the quintiessential spirit of Chanel. So chic! Our debut collection is inspired by the same amazing embroidery, textiles, metallics, jewelry and craftsmanship that inspired Karl himself! 

It's about highlighting the rich traditions and weaving them into all facets of your life, so that they remain relevant... and most importantly, never forgotten.

All images via the Coveteur

Hit the snooze button please! We'd like to continue this day dream...


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The Recap : National Stationery Show 2012

We could not have been more excited to take part in the industry's largest trade show hosted in New York City! NSS is host to a global audience of approximately 11,000 buyers from the stationery world, including card and gift shops, bookstores, large department stores and mass retailers. We are talking Bloomingdale's and Saks Fifth Avenue folks! It was also a chance to display our products along the likes of Papyrus, Crane & Co., and Rifle Paper Co. to name a few of our favorites.

It was an amazing experience to discuss our products with buyers from across the US as well as several countries. We are happy to say that eighty first street studios received a warm welcome that generated a lot of interest (and orders!). People gravitated toward the photography, rich envelope liners, metallic trend, and simply the messages. It's rewarding to receive the nod from our industry and validation that there is a market for stylish greeting cards that subtly highlight the mix of cultures. 

Our debut collection was chosen as a finalist in the Best New Product Competition for the Paper Style category - check out the Best New Product display featuring our Congrats card below! Wild Ink Press won in the end for their "three things" line. It is so darn cute, you MUST check it out for yourself. Being a finalist amongst 700+ entries was enough for us first-timers!

Our favorite part of the entire experience was the opportunity to get to know fellow exhibitors. Our little booth was fortunate enough to neighbor Katie from Rocket Ink and Michelle & Pauline from Paper Flavor. They are amazing artists and both have such a unique product. We learned a lot through sharing stories, and it was nice having others to laugh with when there was an eccentric passerby solely interested in our giveaway! We absolutely adore our new friends and their amazing work!

From the beginning, we knew that if we were going to do this, we were going to do it big and in the city that started it all. Thank you NSS, and thank you always NYC!!!


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